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Peter Buschmann, born 1960, lives since 1997 in Canada. He went first to British Columbia, and moved later to Nova Scotia, Cape Breton.

His education started with faculties in heating, aircondition, ventilation, pipework, welding for waterpipes, hotwaterpipes, steampipes and naturalgaspipes. Than he made up the Master Diploma for heating and ventilation, as well he got a training supervisor. After that he passed the examination for working on gas units for natural and liquide gas and oil.

Peter worked in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Great Britain and Germany.

Here in Canada he is able to work with wood, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, soldering, welding, TIG, MIG, Stick, satelin and oxygen, propan, bending, turning and so on, does repairs and inventions.

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