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wood and metal working & repairs

Woodwork, metal work and repairs:

In the woodwork department  the smaller jobs are carried out by me personally. The larger jobs such as garages and additions, this work is performed with in conjunction with other local companies. The work may be pieces of furniture, doors, windows, walls, floors, roofs, ramps. Basically everything that has to do with wood. Even if it's just a small repair.

The metal work is all made of steel or other metals, which I can fabricate by myself. Repairs are good tasks that require a little inventiveness and I like the challenge of a job that seems to be hard to complete.

Welding work is carried out principally in our workshop. This includes turning of metal, grinding and polishing. Check out  the pictures.

But there's almost nothing we can`t do or accomplish.

CC-CAP - our handcrafted Chimney Wind Cap

This is a quality product made in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The wind turning cap is handcrafted made by stainless steel and helps to prevent downdrafts with wood / oil burning appliances.

Prefabricated transportable slaughter facilities

We offer customized mobile slaughter and meat-shop facilities around Nova Scotia. All modules are equipped for your needs and are expandable.

Chimney Wind Cap
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