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house caretaking and property maintenance

We have been in business in this area (Cape Breton) for well over 10 years and have a good reputation for monitoring and maintaining the homes of Europeans and Canadians who have us on a yearly contract.

Our service includes regular visits to observe and report on the properties in our care and to contact the owner by email, fax or phone calls to apprise them of any problems or deficiencies on the property and if necessary take photographs to illustrate the problems or needs so that the owners have a good comprehension of all that is taking place with their houses.

We offer a one year contract that is always renewable. Notice to quit or terminate the contract requires 3 months notice.

Housekeeping and Maintainence of Propertyandmore

We will prepare and protect your house for the winter months if you desire and are unable to do so yourself such as having gone back to Europe before the cold months return here.
We drain all water lines and fill all toilets and drain traps with an antifreeze solution to prevent freezing splitting and causing damage that has to be repaired before you can occupy the residence.

Power interuptions caused by high winds and ice storms are another aspect of life here in the east during winter but we can keep an eye on your property and contact the local power to get restoration of services to your property as soon as possible. If you have an alarm system installed in your home we can immediately check on the cause of the alarm and inform you by telephone, fax or email. If you don`t have an alarm system we can arrange and install an alarm or video monitoring system to suit your needs and give you peace of mind.

Other benefits and services offered by Propertyandmore

We can offer lawn mowing, rain gutter maintainance, interior housecleaning, chimney sweeping, fence repair, metal repair, window installation, woodwork, furniture removal and if you need to be picked up at the airport or dropped off to fly back we can also get you there and back. If there is work to be done that requires more resources than we have on hand we can liaise together with other local contractors and get you the best workmanship.

We live here year round and offer a great service and peace of mind to our customers. We carry full liability insurance for our company and services and we are covered by the provincial workers compensation.

We would like welcome you as a customer of ours and demonstrate our skills in looking after and maintaining your property, have a look at our testimonials.

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