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raising pigs & chicken, selling good quality meat

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On our Free Range Bio Farm we raise mainly pigs of the Duroc and Berkshire breeds.

The Berkshire pork

Sow: 160-200 kg
Boar: 200-280 kg

The Berkshire pig is one of the oldest breeds in Canada. Originally they were big-boned, reddish-brown with large black spots, and later medium-sized, durable white markings on the trunk, limbs and tail, and with 7 -10 piglets per litter. Distinguished by the marbled meat.

The Duroc pig

About 1800 red pig populations evolved in the northeastern U.S. and the modern Duroc pig was created about 1830 from crosses of red-Jersey pigs from New Jersey and these old Durocs from New York. Furthermore, in 1849, imports from Spain and Guinea Red pigs, which were cross bred and in 1882 the independent Duroc breed was created. With slow feeding (at least 12-14 months) and plenty of soy and corn made it a very high proportion of lean meat in the best meat quality. The best carcass weight is achieved with 160-190 kg. Due to the excellent animal health and meat quality of the Duroc pig it is considered the father line breeding base for many other breeds.

Boar: 95-110 cm shoulder height, weight 450-500 kg
Sow: shoulder height 87-95 cm, weight 350-380 kg

These animals are very resistant to weather and can live in all four seasons without any problems. Our site is divided into many smaller fields. Thus we can deal with the animals as needed. These pigs are constantly digging the ground around. The pigs are moving rocks as large as 75 kilograms.

Because of the Free Range rearing our animals are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are treated from the moment of birth through to slaughter with the necessary respect and humanness. Animals should not feel stressed .

Processing and handling of pigs

Our pigs generally weigh between 200 to 350 lbs when matured and ready for market . They are transported to a provincially registered slaughterhouse where they will be handled in a humane manner. The meat will be inspected, stamped and cut.



More videos are on our Youtube-Channel

In addition to the pigs, we keep laying hens and meat chickens.


Our farmgate sale is open Saturday: 1 pm - 5 pm

meat (beef, pork, chicken)
preserves (salsa, jam, curry raisin jelly, red wine jelly)
herbs in olive oil and so on....

Sibylles famous Cakes

We offer an unique selection of homemade cakes. On Christmas don`t forget to preorder Sibylles famous Dresdner Stollen (Traditional German cake containing dried fruit, covered with icing sugar).


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