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CC-CAP - Handcrafted Chimney Wind Cap

Cleveland Chimney Cap (CC-CAP)
the wind turning cap made in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

This is a directional wind cap to help prevent downdrafts with wood / oil burning appliances. The wind will turn this cap all the time, where the wind pointed. The cap is working like an injector and help to let the smoke or burning gases easily out of the chimney.

The wind turning cap is handcrafted made by stainless steel. The cap is turning on a shaft. The shaft is build by 2 pieces. Inside a round full material. The cap turns by two brass bushings. They are soldered with silver solder >600C working temperature. The bottom is so close, that no soot will get in. The cap self has a round shape by sheet metal 24-28 gage and is build by 3 pieces. The flag on the cap is fixed by rivets (stainless steel) or spot welded.

Easy installation

The wind turning cap has to be fixed on the chimney. The support has a thread. This thread will fit on the chimney pipe for pallet stoves. One hole on the side need a screw to hold it tight in place.

Or for regular Wood stove chimneys without the thread to fit inside the chimney with a long support.
Or for regular mason chimneys with an adapter by stainless steel.

Made for all chimneys - sizes are available from 4 to 8 inch.

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